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Women’s Guide to 12 Week Body Transformation

 What if I was to tell you that currently 26% of adults in the UK are classified as obese? Or that more women than men are morbidly obese? You’d be shocked, right? It’s not surprising then, that amongst the McDonalds, Dominos and KFC lovers are women who are transforming their bodies in just 12 weeks!

Weight loss methods that women try range from strict calorie counting and mad fad diets, to simply exercising a little more each week. But whatever your method or reason to get in shape, Nuyoo have got you covered. We’ve prepared a guide to everything you need to know to transform your body in 12 weeks.


12 week body transformation diet


You’re probably familiar with hardcore gym goers, loyal to the belief that all you need to get #girlgains is to exercise. That’s not necessarily true. Eating healthily is also a proven method for transforming your body as it usually accounts for a lower daily calorie consumption. And not only for weight, but consuming a balanced diet helps our bodies to fight illnesses and boost energy levels, as well as added bonuses like keeping our skin and hair healthy. But what exactly is a balanced diet?


Eat well guide to help a 12 week body transformation

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The NHS’s Eat Well Guide claims that to feel our best we should consume at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, as they contain a good amount of fibre, vitamins and minerals. We should also try to include:

  • Higher-fibre and wholegrain carbohydrates that make up just over a third of our daily intake.
  • A small number of dairy products for calcium, vitamins and protein.
  • A good source of protein and fibre from lean meat, beans, peas and lentils.
  • At least 2 portions of fish a week.

Whilst chocolate, sweets and fast food in general are tempting, we’re advised against these foods as they are high in fat and calories and don’t add much nutritional value. Cutting out these and adding some healthier alternatives is bound to aid in a 12 week body transformation!


But how to guarantee a 12 week body transformation?


So, you’re probably now thinking something like “how am I supposed to stick to this?”, or “I’m really not allowed fried chicken?”. Changing your diet and cutting out foods you love to lose weight is difficult, but there are lots of methods that attempt to make this process easier.


For instance, some people try diets such as the Keto and Atkins, which focus on reducing carbohydrates and replacing them with protein and fat. While they’re effective in reducing calorie intake, some people struggle to stick to such a drastic diet change, and they have been questioned for their safety.


If you feel like this could be you, adopting a vegetarian diet is another option. Substituting meat for a vegetarian alternative could be easier to adjust to than cutting out a food group altogether.


And it seems that vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular. The added fruit and vegetables consumed are often compared to meat-based diets which arguably fill up needed vegetables with meat/extra protein instead. This isn’t the only situation where vegetable and meat-based diets go head to head either.


Steps to a body transformation in 12 weeks


meal planner for a 12 week body transformation

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If a 12 week body transformation diet plan is on the cards, then it’s first worth considering:


What is your end goal?

Deciding on a target weight is important in helping you achieve it. If you can imagine the result then you can imagine and plan sensible steps towards it. ‘Seeing’ the end could also motivate you to reach it.


You could also think about your body type. Do want to accentuate your hourglass figure? Or slim down your bigger thighs? There are lots of dieting and exercise methods for you to tailor a plan for this.


Is it realistic?

When working on ourselves, we need to consider if what we want to look like is actually achievable. Are you aiming for something you can reach healthily? Losing weight too quickly can be damaging to your health. Speaking of which…

Do you have any personal limitations?

Consider your health before you begin. Do you have any requirements that would hinder your ability to change what you eat? Could any health conditions/illnesses that you have be made worse from a drastic change to your diet? If you’re concerned, you should speak to a doctor before you begin.


Is it sustainable?

Transforming your body in 12 weeks is satisfying, but not if you’re going to put it all back on again from an unrealistic eating plan. It’s important to plan your slimming method carefully so that you can maintain your lost weight and continue to feel good about it. Here at Nuyoo, our personal trainer services and eating plans are tailored specifically to each individual to achieve amazing transformations. Take a look at some real-life examples here.


Exercise plan for a 4-month body transformation


Fitness fanatics out there, rejoice: diet alone doesn’t give you the amazing results you seek! The benefits of exercising alongside dieting are immense: you become fitter and more toned, it keeps you healthy, and it also makes you feel better. But like dieting, there are things you should consider before going out to make ‘gains’.


What do you want to achieve?

Have a think about what your end goal is. Like dieting, working out is much easier when you have something to work towards, and it can enable you to make a helpful exercise plan to stick to. Do you want to work out for your body type? There are different exercises for that. Do you an event coming up that you want to look good for, for instance your wedding?


Is it realistic?

Similarly to dieting, transforming your body within 12 weeks has to be something we can achieve without going too far and causing ourselves harm. It seems that the wealth of weight loss and fitness methods have bred a mindset of working ourselves to the point of ill-health. It’s important that what we aim for is attainable in order to ensure we’re still healthy.


Do you have any personal limitations?

Likewise with your diet, you should consider any pre-existing conditions you may have which could affect your ability to exercise. Over-working yourself in determination to lose weight could result in injuries.


So, how often should we exercise? The Government recommends that for adults aged 19-64, weekly exercise should add up to at least 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of moderate intensity, or 75 minutes of high intensity, split up as required.


And that’s the important point. Our exercise routines should be varied in order for them to be beneficial. They should be planned to strengthen as many different muscles and areas of our body as possible, and we should never repeat the same routine several times in a row. They should also be varied in when they are carried out. Repeated transformation plans without allowing our body to rest is detrimental to its progression.


Planning your workout


workout plan for a body transformation within 12 weeks

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To achieve the best possible results, you need to plan which kinds of exercises you want to do. This depends on what you want your end result to be – the types of exercise and their examples listed below can be carried out alone or combined with others.



A.k.a. aerobic, the main aim of cardio is to burn fat and calories through physical activity, and it is the most popular form of working out. There are hundreds of cardio activities, ranging in intensity for specific goals. Try swimming, cycling or walking for low-intensity, or running/sprinting and high-energy gym machines for a higher-intensity workout.


Strength Training

As well as burning calories, we also need to work on our strength. Strength training builds up our muscles, tones and improves our balance and posture, but it can also assist with weight control. Want to know which are the best strength exercises to do? Click here.


Balance Exercises

You may think lifting your leg up slightly for 30 seconds is a waste of time. This is actually far from the truth. Balance is essential to our bodies’ everyday workings. And whilst you exercise your balance, you may feel other areas of your body becoming more toned in the process. Improve your balance by lifting a leg while stretching or taking part in activities like yoga or tai chi.



Finally, stretching helps to improve your flexibility and range of motion, meaning you can try more advanced exercises to lose more weight and strengthen your body even more. There are many stretches we can do to achieve flexibility in lots of areas of the body.


Do you need a Personal Trainer?


The story so far? To transform your body, and in 12 weeks, we should consume a balanced amount of healthy foods in a slight deficit of the recommended daily intake. We should also undertake a well-planned and varied work-out routine, which can be tailored to individual needs.


But what about people who don’t have the time? Many working women claim they don’t exercise because they don’t have the time to plan the best transformational workout for the limited time they have. In this situation, it could be a good idea to hire a personal trainer.


personal trainer to help you lose weight in 12 weeks

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Personal trainers can be incredibly beneficial for the busy working woman in many ways. They can plan a perfect workout plan for you so you don’t have to. They can motivate and support you through each session, however small it may be. This can be very helpful for those who find it hard to stay motivated on their goal. However, before hiring a PT, it’s important to ensure that they’re right for you.


Things to consider before hiring a personal trainer include:

  • What are your goals? Making sure your PT is going to get the best result for you is important, so consider discussing what you want to achieve.
  • Does your PT’s personality match yours? A PT that you get along with is going to motivate you a lot more than one who’s uncomfortably staring at you while you cycle. Before hiring, try to make conversation to see if you both ‘click’.
  • How long do you plan to work with your PT for? A 12 week transformation is highly achievable with this guide and especially so with the added help of a personal trainer. But maybe you have a longer-term plan?
  • Pricing – consider your budget. While Nuyoo’s online personal trainer services are fairly priced, others may be less so. Double check this before hiring to avoid any awkward disputes.


Motivation and Wellbeing


Other than time, a significant barrier women face when trying to lose weight is finding the motivation to stick at it. Many people, and I don’t blame you, are reluctant to sacrifice an hour of sleep to carry out a drowsy workout that you don’t really want to do. That’s why we’ve devised some helpful tips to help you to stay loyal to your 12 week transformation workouts.


motivation for transforming your body in 12 weeks

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Try to stay positive

When we feel down, we find it hard to do our best. What’s the point sometimes, right girls? But thinking positively changes all of that. When we believe we can do it, we actually do it. Some ways to motivate yourself include: writing down positive changes/achievements daily, planning for setbacks and not being too hard on yourself if something goes wrong, listening to motivational/inspirational music, and finding social support from friends or relatives.


Take some chill time

When we’re in the zone to lose weight, we often feel guilty whenever we’re not exercising. This is OK! It may seem counterproductive, but time to relax is essential when losing weight. It allows our bodies and minds to recover and strengthen between sessions. A balanced mind and body allows us to focus when we pick up our routine again.


And finally, treat yourself!

(God forbid) If none of the above are working for you and you’re in a slump, why not treat yourself to something to make yourself feel better. You’ve deserved it, and occasional treats really demist the fog of failure and put you back on track to success in a 12 week transformation. Plus, who can say no to new workout pants that prove you’re getting closer to those booty goals?


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