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Top 5 Essential Keto Tips for Beginners!

The keto diet is all about improving your health and aiding your weight loss. Once users are in Ketosis it’s common to have more energy & a clearer mind.


What is the keto diet?

The ketogenic diet is made up of a large amount of fat and a fair share of protein, with little to no carbohydrates. This means you get to eat lots of meat like steak, chicken & bacon. You can also add olive oil to your meals which adds plenty of flavour, you won’t eat like this with other diet’s!



  1. Calories Still Matter!

    Weight Loss Scales Keto

Regardless of what diet you are on, if you eat more calories than your burning you will gain weight. If you eat less calories than your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) you will lose weight. Therefore it’s recommended to track your calories which can be done through the Nuyoo program or using a third party app like MyFitnessPal. However you will also find that on a keto diet, weight loss happens far quicker than a traditional diet as your body will lose the initial water weight which is stored from carbohydrate consumption.


  1. Replenish your Electrolytes

    Female Drinking Electrolytes

When you are start out on the keto diet you will likely need to go to the toilet more. This is because your body is burning through your glycogen stores which is a good thing. However it’s also important to now replenish any electrolytes that have been removed from your system. This can be done by simply adding some sea salt to your water or by using an electrolyte supplement.


  1. Keep your Stress Levels Low

    Stressful Women

Hormones massively effect how we look and feel. Therefore when you can take a step back from life by watching a film/tv series you enjoy, exercise or even go for an brisk walk. Studies also show that meditating & yoga are great for keeping the Stress Hormone Cortisol down.


  1. Get Enough Quality Sleep

    women sleeping

Getting better quality sleep is just as important as getting the minimum of 7 hours you need every night. An easy way of promoting better sleep is by decreasing your stress levels this will increase your energy levels and will promote recovery. You will find it far easier to sleep at night if you have less on your mind, the best way to get started is by putting some time aside for you.



    Brazil Nut Healthy Fat Keto Diet

I know this is stating the obvious but it’s so important. Increasing your fat intake will also increase your energy levels. A quick way of eating more fat by making simple fat bombs, a recipe so many Nuyoo users use. Another option is to add more healthy fats into your diet, a few good foods are Avocados & Brazil Nuts.

If you’re interested in going keto our program is the best place to start.

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