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Top 5 tips to Get in Good Shape this Year!

Exercise & Nutrition should be apart of your lifestyle. Whether that be going for a run, cycling to work, swimming or lifting light weights. Start out by tracking your current food intake on apps like MyFitnessPal or on our pro plan, to see whether you over or under-eating.


1. Pick a type of exercise you Enjoy!

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Pick a sport/training programme you can fit into your lifestyle. Make sure you enjoy it and that way you will have something to look forward to.

Once you have found something that would benefit you – reach out and try a class, or bring a friend along!


2. Fit Training Around Your Lifestyle.

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Firstly, exercising excessively is not a good idea – you need to recover and take a break.

If you have an hour to spare to exercise, make sure you get the most out of your programme or session.

A few tips would be if your cycling, perhaps try a HIIT session. If you’re in the gym, try adding supersets to get more done in less time.

Find a time to fit in your training – Morning, Afternoon or Evening. Allocate some time to exercise and do what you can, that’s what it’s all about!

At Nuyoo we also offer shortened workouts for the days where you don’t have as much free time.


3. Eat the Right Amount of Calories.

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Food intake, the most important part of your nutrition!

Eating too many calories is unhealthy in itself – whether that be overeating cabbage or chocolate. It’s still extra stress on the body, and will lead to a lowering in energy and a build up of fat in the body.

You should be cautious of how many calories you’re consuming, especially if you are trying to lose weight! Aim to eat 200-500 less calories than you would normally do, the larger the calorie deficit the greater the weight loss. Instead of going without meals, try eating healthier food throughout the day. That being said, you should also consider that lowering your calories too much can have negative effects on the body such as very low energy, brain fog and many more problems.

If you are trying to gain weight, you should consider aiming for 200-500 calories over your normal intake. Remember that eating more calories than your body need is not healthy and therefore you should do this as little as possible, a small amount of extra calories should be the objective here! Growing muscle takes a long time so enjoy the process and take your time.

We recommend tracking your calories using MyFitnessPal – A great app, that will allow you to lose weight or gain the weight you need.


4. Your Human – Enjoy a Treat Every Once in a while!

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When you are tracking your food intake – You are controlling the biggest factor that will determine your body weight. Typically most diets are focussed on the short term goals, but we are all about a lifestyle change!

Imagine being able to drop the weight you wanted – and keep it off effortlessly…

…With our programs we advice that users have treats once in a while to enjoy the process – then the fat loss or muscle gain you want becomes far easier to achieve, as you can follow it all year round.


5. Change your lifestyle, stop changing your diet!

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Once you have controlled your calorie intake, you can do weekly weigh ins to see whether you are gaining or losing weight. You can then adjust your calorie intake accordingly.

When eating out don’t worry about eating the healthiest foods, just enjoy it! Then for the rest of the week have a bigger serving of nutrient dense foods like fruit and vegetables to benefit your health and well-being.

It’s all about keeping it balanced! If you restrict yourself from eating treats too much, you are more likely to binge!

Following a sustainable plan will flood your brain with happy hormones called endorphins.

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