Health is the real wealth

Business owners, entrepreneurs, anyone self employed.

Take note and read up.

Let me ask you a question.
If your business was losing money every month, what would you do?
Would you sit back and let it happen month after month after month?
Would you slowly let your business deteriorate to a point where it is no longer a viable option and you now have to look for a job or sign on?


Would you do something about it??

Let me ask you another question…
If you’re car broke today, how quickly would you get it fixed?
Would you let weeks go by before you MAKE TIME to get it to the garage and get it fixed?


Would you make sure you get it sorted, because you NEED that car to do the school run, or get to work?

When it comes to our businesses or our car, we do everything we can to stop and get things sorted, why?

Because we view that as extremely important and something that must happen, so we FIND THE TIME.

Now lets look at someone that is repeatedly putting on bad weight? They are effectively losing money, year on year.

Like in business, if you do this for to long enough you will be OUT OF THE GAME and you WILL have to shut down. FACT.

  • For every 5 inches we add to our waist circumference we increase our risk of disease by 15%

The truth is, if only we realise that by prioritising our health, by developing some good habits by not “losing money” and having structure and discipline in our lives, will we actually have much more FREEDOM. Freedom from no stress, freedom from no poor health, freedom from not feeling like sh*t each and every day!

A healthy individual will have better concentration, better focus, be more productive, be more engaging and will have a much better capacity to deal with and manage stress.They will be a happier person to be around. This will mean they will produce better work and actually enjoy the process of work and life.

If you run your own business, “stop losing money” and realise that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are simple steps you can take today to develop some healthier habits, to feel instantly better and get back to feeling GREAT, looking GREAT and being the person you should be.

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