Are you nervous before your training session?

If you’re not nervous before your training session, you’re not training hard enough.

With any training session worth its salt there should be an element that physically or mentally tests your resolve.

To create change in the body, we need to subject our body to a stimulus that progressively demands the body to adapt (progressive overload). This, if often pushing the body out of its comfort zone, can feel very demanding.

Mentally we need to have the toughness to focus on the details, hit the desired number of reps, use the correct rest times and adhere to the correct tempo prescribed.

All of these details are integral to continued progress.

Assess your workouts- do they challenge you physically and mentally? If they are, then be patient and the progress will come, If not, look for workouts that will test you and take you out of your comfort zone and closer to your ultimate goals.






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