Cosmetic and Beauty Trends 2018 REVEALED

New research uncovered by Nuyoo has revealed the cosmetic and beauty trends 2018, as sales of our favourite essentials rise and dip.

Expected to be this year’s perfect present pick, it was found unisex fragrances had the highest rise in sales, an increase of 18.8%, with fine female fragrances up by just 2.7% and fine male fragrances up by as little as 1%.  In contrast to years gone by, we will be creating a natural look for events, socials and parties, sans a bold lip colour pop, in favour of striking eyes and nail art as a statement – as lips colours crash by -2.5% but nail sales rise by 8%.

As a replacement for luxury lipsticks, make-up gurus will be opting for natural lip salves and balms, for a subtle shine and minimal effort, as sales rise by 9.9% – the biggest rise in skincare. Further, it has been found prestige products (all things indulgent) have fallen by -5.2% and non-essential body creams and lotions have also dipped by -3.7%.

Interestingly, haircare products have seen the biggest drop, suggesting consumers will be proudly sporting wild, natural tresses – free from dye, wax, taming creams and setting spray! Hallelujah!

A full breakdown of the sale numbers analysed by Nuyoo, inspired by a report written by The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA), can be found here:

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  • Fine female fragrance, up by 2.7%
  • Fine male fragrance, up by 1%
  • Fine unisex fragrance, up by 18.8%

Colour Cosmetics:

  • Face, up by 4.2%
  • Eyes, up by 5.4%
  • Nails, up by 8%
  • Lips, down by -2.5%


  • Prestige skincare (including gift packs), down by -5.2%
  • Body creams and lotions, down by -3.7%
  • Male face care, up by 2.7%
  • Lip salves and balm, up by 9.9%


  • Hair colourants, down by -0.7%
  • Hair creams, waxes and gels, down by -2.2%
  • Luxury hair lotions and mousses, down by -3.8%
  • Hair texturizing and setting sprays, down by -5.2%

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Beauty Trends 2018

Bearing this in mind, Nuyoo also took time to consider key beauty trends in 2018, by utilising Mintel’s release: Beauty and Personal Care.

  1. Au Naturel

The concept of natural beauty is expanding in 2018 and brands will give Mother Nature a helping hand by encompassing local approaches and developments in biotechnology. Indeed, 50% of UK consumers who invest in beauty will look for products made with natural ingredients.

  1. The Individual

Brands will stop targeting consumers based on age, gender or body type, as consumers search for personalised beauty defined in their own terms. The Chinese sum this up perfectly, as 31% of Chinese consumers aged 20-49 say that the word ‘individuality’ defines luxury.

  1. Campaign Capital

Simply selling a great beauty product will no longer be enough. In 2018, brands will need to have a personality and purpose that aligns with consumers’ own beliefs to win them over. In support of this, 56% of US consumers have stopped buying products from a brand if they believe they are unethical and 37% of UK consumers consider whether a product has been animal-tested before they buy.

  1. Private Eye

Digital technology will influence how we buy in 2018 and will navigate our journey through the complexities of the beauty aisle – both in-store and online. With 67% of US iGeneration beauty buyers aged 18-22 preferring to search for product information in store on their mobile device than ask a sales associate.

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