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Why Join nuyoo?

And is it right for you

Personal trainers, or PTs as they are known, are great, but they will typically cost you upwards of £30 per session. Multiply that by three of four workouts a week and your bank balance will start sweating before you do.

Nuyoo has been put together for you by leading personal trainer and former professional athlete, Sacha Harding. The personalised plan approach has been successfully followed by many of Sacha’s clients, and now you too can also get the secrets for less than the price of a couple of coffees a week.

You will receive the motivation of having a tailored plan that is designed for you as if you were having a personal session with Sacha. You will be able to hit your goals with the help of the easy to follow workout videos featuring professional PTs, and by enjoying the 50+ healthy meal suggestions from the recipe book which normally retails at £20!

In addition, Nuyoo is your personal trainer who is always ready at a touch of a button on your phone, meaning that you don’t have to follow your plan alone. It gives you the freedom to exercise at times that fit in with your lifestyle and which really helps you to progress with self-achieved and independent weight loss. What’s more, it’s all ad-free, so there is nothing to get in the way of you and your goals.

Maintaining good health is of the upmost importance, but make sure that it’s you who loses the pounds and not your bank account. You’ll soon need all your hard-earned money to spend on a new wardrobe! It all adds up to a fitter, healthier new you, so join here!

"6 weeks on and I feel much stronger and leaner! My mind is much clearer, diet is clean and training has been upped. I had a massive confidence issue with my tummy, especially around my scar. Now I look in the mirror appreciating the hard work I have put in to lean up and I’ve started to notice my abs over my scar!" 

- Lucy, Bedfordshire

"Sacha provides highly professional, supportive and encouraging advice which motivates you to give 100%. The training schedule, coupled with guidelines on diet and nutrition which are always available have made a real difference to my overall health and fitness."

- Martina, Hertfordshire